Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kissing Day Celebration

"Kissing Day Celebration"

July 2016

oil on panel, 11 3/4" H x 33" L x 1/4" D

Its separate halves are shown below.

Left 1/2 of "Kissing Day Celebration"

I'm beginning to allow myself much wider latitude in my rendering of things.  What a relief!  
And here's the fallout:
1)  I'm enjoying painting more because my attitude is far less exacting, &
2)  I'm finding that I also enjoy other people's work that's more abstract than I usually lean toward.  I can feel the artistic process in this method, which lends itself more to intuition & Divine Ambush (you know what I mean ;)).

Here's the other half:

Right 1/2 of "Kissing Day Celebration"

oil, 11 3/4" H x 33" L

I am showing you the halves separately so that you can enjoy brushwork & other details more.  
Isn't that red flower delicious?  

I don't like to eat cake (unless it sounds good), but I fell in love with the image of an off-white cake.  It was so darling I had to paint it.  I am trying to stay away from symbolism & meaningful images for awhile, so "darling" is my current attraction.  Yeah yeah, I know.  Frosting & slathered-on cuteness could be too cloying for some.  But for many, there are never too many love songs, nor too many hugs, too much kindness, and so forth.  It's a form of yoga. 

The cakes, right to left:  Orion Cake, Filigree Cake, & Art Cake 

I launched this painting on the Fourth of July, after my husband & I went to the parade in Roundup, Montana (where they were filming the first part of a media series with a compelling-sounding plot).  So in my mind this is also a Fourth of July painting.  
But I feel that Kissing Day, annually worldwide on July Sixth, is a most important holiday to observe.  Easy for me to say, since I'm ecstatically married.  But love is love.  It's that simple.  Blow kisses to your divine all day!

I waited until now to explain the cakes, so that you could form your own impressions.  But truly, I imagined being at a wedding reception with white cakes.  What would I like to see on them, as a group of three?  That's what I painted.  You get to choose the inside.  It could be anything.  The more you use your imagination, the more easily you will hang on to radiant brain health. ...  

Besides, it's fun!


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